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Welcome to the Town of Dannemora's Online Tax Search System

Taxes may be mailed to: Deborah Coryer, Clerk/Tax Collector, 78 Higby Road, Ellenburg Depot NY, 12935. Mailed payments are posted according to US Postmark. If mailing on the last day of the month, ensure it is POSTMARKED that day, as it will be considered late if postmarked the next day. Payments made after January 31st have penalties added.

If paying in person, I am located at 78 Higby Road (formerly Town Garage Road) in Chazy Lake, co-located with the Town Highway Garage. My office's collection window is at the first set of double doors. (Checks written from non-US banks could cause delays and potentially incur additional penalties.) If paying in cash, please have the exact amount, as I will be limited in the ability to make change. I also have the ability to take credit and debit cards - however there is a convenience fee of 2.45% of payment or $3.99, whichever is higher. No part of these fees are retained by the Town.

If paying in installments, only the first installment is paid to me. All others get mailed directly to the County Treasurer's Office. Please look at your installment coupons for the address. Late notices will be mailed April 1st.

Town of Dannemora
Clerk/Tax Collector
(518) 492-7541 ext 102

Payments made at the county after the close of any Tax Collection period will not be posted on this website

Clinton County Treasurer
Mail Payments To:
Deborah Coryer
Tax Collector
78 Higby Road, Ellenburg Depot NY 12935
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