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LaFayette Central School District

Town of LaFayette, Tully, and Fabius Residents:

Payments are allowed by the School District
1. If you choose to make partial payments, the first MUST be made by 10/05/2016.
2. Each partial payment may be any amount and must include current penalties
3. Up to 3 partial payments may be made.
4. No delinquent taxes may be due on any property
5. After 10/31/16 the entire balance is due to the County Finance Department – Onondaga County Chief Officer, P.O. Box 1004 Syracuse, NY 13201-1004.

Tax payments made in Person are accepted until 10/31/16 at the M & T Bank LaFayette Branch, corner of Route 11 & 20. Monday – Friday 9:00am –4:00 pm.

CASH ONLY accepted at the LaFayette District Office, Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Or Payments may be made by sending them to Kim Reppi, Tax Collector at LaFayette CSD, P.O. Box 1745, Buffalo, NY 14240
Mail Payments To:
Kim Reppi
School Tax Collector
LaFayette Central Schools P.O. Box 1745 Buffalo, NY 14240
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