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Pay Tax Bills Online

Property Tax Payments

As a convenience to our taxpayers, the Town of Clarkstown offers the option of paying school and town taxes online. Using this option is fast, easy, and safe. In a few minutes, the transaction will be complete with 5 simple steps.

This can be done via electronic check or credit card. You may pay your taxes online by using Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit & debit cards and/or E-Checks.

Credit Card payments will have a 2.45% convenience fee, VISA Debit Cards have a $3.95 flat fee, and there is no charge for Electronic Checks.

E checks not accepted after October 16, 2017. Credit Card & Visa Debit card accepted online until October 31, 2017. Payments delivered to our office after October 16th must be certified bank check or exact cash payment only

To make online payments for multiple properties, each parcel must be paid individually.

 STEP 1      Locate Tax Parcel Information
Search for your parcel using any of the search fields to the right.
When searching by address, enter street number and street name - leave out suffix. E.g. If address is 1 Smith Street ONLY enter 1 Smith
 STEP 2      Review Tax Information and Pay Bill
The tax bill selected will be displayed. If payment is due, review your tax information and click on the "Pay Full" payment button.
 STEP 3      Enter Payment Details
Select the payment method and enter the corresponding payment details.
 STEP 4      Confirm Information
Review and confirm payment details are accurate.
 STEP 5      Payment Confirmation
Your payment has now been processed and you will be receiving a confirmation e-mail to the address provided in step 3.
Choose Collection:
Use any of the following:
Bill #
Tax Map #
Property Address
Owner Name

Make checks payable to Justin Sweet Town Clerk, 10 Maple Ave., New City, NY 10956.



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