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Welcome to the Town of New Lebanon's Online Tax Search System

Payments are accepted in cash or checks made payable to: Tammie Darcy, Tax Collector or New Lebanon Tax Collector.

April and May 2017 tax collector office hours are Monday’s from 5-7pm and Saturdays from 10am-12pm

The due date for tax bills is January 31, 2017 without penalty and we do accept the postmark.
Beginning with February 1, 2017 there will be a 1% interest charged on the balance due and it will increase by 1% each month through May 31st.

Second notices are sent out on April 1st and an additional $2.00 charge will be added to the balance for this second notice fee. All unpaid Town / County tax bills are returned to the Columbia County Treasurer’s Office in Hudson, NY on June 1st.

Note: Any tax payments made to the Columbia County Treasurer's office after the Towns' collection period has ended will not be reflected on this website.

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please contact Tammie Darcy at (518) 794-8882.

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Mail Payments To:
Tammie Darcy
Tax Collector
PO Box 335 New Lebanon, NY 12125
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