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Welcome to the Online Tax Search System for Town of Goshen.

Office Hours:
January times- Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 9 to 1
February times- Mondays and Fridays 10 to 1
March times - Mondays and Fridays 10 to 1
Or by Appointment
or any time by mail @ PO Box 507, Goshen NY 10924

Property tax bills are mailed the last week of December. Payments in February have a 1% penalty. Payments in March have a 2% penalty plus a $2 reminder fee. Personal checks will not be accepted after March 10th. make payments with certified checks, bank checks or money orders. Postmarks are accepted in January and February. March payments must be received by the 31st. Tax rolls are returned to the Commissioner of Finance on April 1st.

Failure to receive a notice does NOT relieve the property owner of the responsibility of paying the bill before the due date.

Note: Payments made to the County will not be available on this site
Mail Payments To:
Judy Andrews
Receiver of Taxes
pob 507 Goshen NY 10924
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