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Welcome to the Town of Malone’s Online Tax Information

This site allows you to view your tax bill along with updated payment information.

2022 Town and County Tax payments will be accepted in person, or by mail, at the Malone Town Offices located at 27 Airport Rd., Malone, New York

Office hours: Mon - Fri- 9:00 AM till 4:00 PM
Phone number: 518-483-4740

January 1st through January 31st 2022 without penalty
February 1st through February 28th 2022 with 1% penalty
March 1st through March 31st 2022 with 2% penalty

Partial payments of $100.00 or more will be accepted throughout the collection period.

Payments made after March 31, 2022 must be made to the Franklin County Treasurer: 355 West Main Street, Malone, NY 12953 -- Phone 518-481-1515

If paying mail and requesting a receipt, please be sure to include your entire bill with payment.

U.S. Postmark date is accepted on mail as date of receipt, for penalty purposes. A postage meter date is not.

Please note: Fire Protection is now provided through a town- wide Fire Protection District, and the charges appear on your Town and County bill as a separate line item, for properties both in and outside the Village of Malone.


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Mail Payments To:
Town of Malone
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27 Airport Rd. Malone, NY 12953