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Site last updated: 12/13/2023
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Welcome to the Online Tax System for Bloomfield Central School.

This system allows you to search property tax information from any computer that has access to the Internet.

You can view a tax bill, find an assessed valuation, see exemptions on the property, and print a receipt. For Bloomfield Central School District, you can pay your taxes two ways: 1) Mail your payment to the following address made payable to Deborah Fisher: Bloomfield Central School District Attn: Deborah Fisher, 45 Maple Avenue, Suite A, Bloomfield, NY 14469; or 2) Taxes may be paid in person at Canandaigua National Bank and Trust Company, any branch, during regular banking hours through September 30th only. Please bring the entire Tax Bill.

Taxes may be paid on or before September 30, 2023 without penalty. For all taxes received by mail from October 1, 2023 through October 31, 2023 there will be an added 2% penalty. For all taxes received by mail from November 1, 2023 through November 4, 2023 there will be an added 3% penalty. No taxes will be received after November 4, 2023. Unpaid school taxes will be relieved with your Town and County taxes in January 2024 with an increased rate of interest.

School Tax Collector Deborah Fisher is available at (585) 657–6121, extension 4010

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Mail Payments To:
Deborah Fisher
Tax Collector
45 Maple Avenue, Suite A Bloomfield, NY 14469