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Site last updated: 05/21/2024
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Welcome to the Online Tax Payment and Search System for Town of Glenville.

This system allows you to search property tax information from any computer that has access to the Internet.
You can:
  - View a tax bill;
  - Pay a tax bill - Please note fees apply for this option;
  - Find an assessed valuation;
  - See exemptions listed on the property;
  - Print a receipt

Simply fill in one field and hit the search button. When searching by street address use only the number and name of the street (do not add the suffix St, Rd, Ave, Dr, etc)

Note: In-person payments will be allowed for this collection. However, if you feel sick please use and alternative method listed below to pay your tax bill.

You can;
a) Mail your payment to our address in care of/Payable to:
    Town of Glenville Receiver of Taxes
    18 Glenridge Rd.
    Glenville, NY 12302

A valid USPS postmark on or before the penalty free collection date will be considered an on-time payment.

Penalty free Collection dates are as follows:
Town and county bills are collected penalty free during the month of January.
School bills are collected penalty free during the month of September.
Please refer to your bill for the exact penalty free collection date.
Keep in mind that payments made after that date are subject to late payment penalty.
***Be sure to include a valid phone number on your check.

b) Bring your payment to the tax receiver's drop-box located on the wall in the town hall entrance at 18 Glenridge Rd., Glenville, NY. The scheduled drop-box hours during the collection period are from 9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday except holidays.

c) Online at You can pay using your Visa debit card or most major credit cards. Please keep in mind there is a user fee for these services.
Mail Payments To:
Janet Davignon
Receiver of Taxes
18 Glenridge Rd. Glenville, NY 12302 (518) 688-1200 option 6