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Current Year Payments Accepted 01/01-03/31:

STEP 1 Locate Tax Parcel Information
Search for your parcel using any of the search fields above. When searching by address, enter street number and street name - leave out suffix. E.g. If address is 1 Smith Street ONLY enter 1 Smith
STEP 2 Review Tax Information and Pay Bill
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STEP 3 Search Difficulties
If you are having difficulties searching, please try to find your bill using a single search field.

Tax Warrant authorizes Town Clerk as Tax Collector to collect current year payments from 01/01-03/31;

To receive a receipt you must request with payment by submitting Entire Tax Bill (TOP & BOTTOM) & checking the box requesting a receipt, &/or by enclosing a self-addressed envelope.

After 03/31, Tax Collector/Town Clerk is not authorized to accept payments;

After 03/31, Contact:
Oneida County Finance 5th floor - 800 Park Ave. Utica, NY Ph. (315) 798-5754

(Payments made at the County will not be posted on this Website)

Gina M. Schillaci,
Marcy Town Clerk / Tax Collector
P.O. Box 220 Marcy, NY 13403
Ph. (315) 768-4800 ext. 227
Fax (315) 768-1305
Mail Payments To:
Gina M. Schillaci
Town Clerk
P.O. Box 220 Marcy, N.Y. 13403
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