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Site last updated: 06/03/2023
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Welcome to the Town of New Lebanon's Online Tax Search System

Tammie Darcy, New Lebanon Tax Collector

The Tax Collector's office in New Lebanon is now closed for the remainder of 2023 as my warrant expired as of 5/31/23. I am available if needed by appointment.

All unpaid Town / County tax bills have been returned to the Columbia County Treasurer's office in Hudson, NY as of June 1st, 2023.You can contact them if needed at (518) 828-0513.

Note: Any tax payments made to the Columbia County Treasurer's office after the Towns collection period has ended will not be reflected on this website.

If you have questions that aren't answered here, please contact Tammie Darcy by phone at (518) 794–8882 or by email at: Town of New Lebanon
Please visit Columbia County
Mail Payments To:
Tammie Darcy
Tax Collector
PO Box 335 New Lebanon, NY 12125