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2018 County/Town taxes

Credit Card payments will have a 2.45% convenience fee, Debit Cards have a $3.95 flat fee, and Electronic Checks have a $1.75 Flat Fee.

Deborah Maurer, Town Clerk/Tax Collector 716-625-8833 X 112

Payment Schedule
Tax collection dates: January 2, 2018 to April 2, 2018
No Penalty pay by: January 31, 2018
1% Penalty pay by: Febuary 28, 2018
2% Penalty pay by: April 2, 2018

Please make your checks are payable to: Town of Pendleton Tax Collector

After April 2, 2018: Tax bills will be turned over to Niagara County by April 15th. Please call 716-439-7007 after April 15th for the amount owed. Any payments made to the County will not be posted to this website.

Mail Payments To:
Deborah K. Maurer
Town Clerk/Tax Collector
6570 Campbell Blvd Lockport, NY 14094
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