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Welcome to the Schalmont Central School District’s online School Tax Payment & Search system.

In addition to paying your bill, you may also view a tax bill, find an assessed valuation, see any exemptions on the property and print a receipt. This system allows you to pay your school taxes from any computer with access to the Internet. Please be assured that every precaution has been taken to ensure that your online transactions are safe and secure. The fees for using this system are: 2.45% for credit cards, $3.95 for debit cards and $1.75 for an E-check. If making a payment using the electronic check option, please allow two weeks for your payment to be processed. Your payment must be received at the tax office on or before the due date or late penalties will apply. Taxes may be paid on or before Sept. 30th without penalty. All taxes received after Sept. 30th will be assessed a 2% fee. All taxes must be paid by October 31st. After this date, any unpaid school taxes will be turned over to the county and re-levied with your Town and County taxes in January of the following year with an increased rate of interest. If you have any questions please contact the School Tax Collector at (518)355-9200 Ext. 4002.
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Schalmont Central School
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