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2016 Village tax payments will be accepted at the Village of Hilton office at 59 Henry Street, Hilton NY, between the hours of 8am - 4pm, Monday through Friday. Payments can be made after business hours by using our drop box.

Payments are accepted in cash or checks made payable to The Village of Hilton. Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards accepted for tax payments, however a service fee will be charged to your card for this service.

Tax bills are due July 1st. Postmarks of July 1 are accepted and are not considered late.
Payments made between July 2nd thru July 31st will be assessed an additional 5% penalty.
Payments made between August 1st thru August 31st will be assessed an additional 5.5%.
Payments made between September 1st thru September 30th will be assessed an additional 6%.
Payments made between October 1st thru October 31st will be assessed an additional 6.5%.
Partial payments cannot be accepted by New York State Law.
No payments will be accepted in this office after October 31st
Mail Payments To:
Village of Hilton
59 Henry Street Hilton, NY 14468
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