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2022-2023 Village Tax bills are due without penalty on or before June 30, 2022. July 1, 2022, through November 1, 2022, penalties apply as noted on your bill. Payment can be made in several ways: escrow, personal check, bank check, money order, and or cash. For online payments, Credit Cards (Mastercard/ VISA/Discover) are accepted with a convenience fee of 2.45%, and Debit Cards (with a Mastercard/Visa/Discover logo) are also accepted with a convenience fee of $4.95, which will be applied and paid by the homeowner to the credit card/debit card company. This fee is not included in the tax dollars paid to the collector. Credit card/Debit card payments may be made directly from this website

Collection hours are Mon – Fri 10:00 am – 2:00 pm at VILLAGE HALL, 455 RTE 32 HIGHLAND MILLS (entrance located in the back of the building). There is a secure collection box outside by the doors as well as inside in the lobby for all non-cash payments.

Your payment is payable to Village of Woodbury Tax Collector.
Mail Payments to:
Village of Woodbury Tax Collector
PO Box 546
Central Valley, NY 10917.

Please contact me for additional information/questions M-F 10:00 am – 2:00 pm 845-928-7558 ext.52.

On November 2nd, the tax roll is filed with Orange County Commissioner of Finance and collected by that office until Nov 15th. Please call 845-291-2480 for amount due. Payments made directly to Orange County will not be posted as paid on this website.

Exemption information for Senior Citizens (both Aged and Star Enhanced), Basic Star, and Veteran's is available from the Woodbury Assessor office 845-928-6829 ext. 4.

Claudia Valoy-Romanisin
Village of Woodbury Tax Collector
Mail Payments To:
Village of Woodbury
Tax Collector
Claudia Valoy-Romanisin PO Box 546 Central Valley NY 10917