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Welcome to the Washingtonville Central School Online Tax Payment and Search System. This system allows you to search property tax information from any computer that has access to the Internet. You can: 1. View a tax bill; 2. Find an assessed valuation; 3. See any exemptions on the property, and print a receipt. 4. Pay your 2018-19 Tax Bill online.

You can pay your taxes by mail: WCSD Tax Collector, c/o TD Bank-Tax Collection Unit, P.O. Box 95000-5765, Philadelphia, PA 19195-5765. Make check payable to WCSD Tax Collector

You can pay your taxes online by using your American Express, VISA, MasterCard or Discover credit card (2.45% convenience fee), by Visa Debit Card ($3.95 flat fee) or by electronic check ($1.75 flat fee). Note: convenience fees are collected by the online payment provider, not the Washingtonville Central School District.

Taxes are received without penalty through October 1, 2018. Taxes postmarked October 2, 2018, through November 1, 2018, a 2% penalty is added. Taxes postmarked November 2, 2018, a 3% penalty is added. No payments are accepted by the school district after November 2, 2018. From November 2, 2018, through November 15, 2018 payment, including a 3% penalty, will be accepted by the Commissioner of Finance in Goshen by cash, money order or certified check only. After November 15, 2018 taxes are returned the County Treasurer to be relevied on the January 2019 state, county and town tax roll with a penalty of 3% plus an additional penalty of 7%. No taxes shall be accepted by the Collector after the expiration of the tax warrant or unless postmarked on or before November 2, 2018. Unless all monies presented in payment of taxes are in the correct amount, including penalties due, they will be returned for correction. Thank you.

Correspondence only: Joan G. McCue, School Tax Collector 52 West Main Street, Washingtonville, NY 10992

Telephone 845-497-4049 (10 A.M. – 3 P.M.) Email:
Mail Payments To:
WCSD Tax Collector
C/O TD Bank
P.O. BOX 95000-5765 PHILADELPHIA, PA 19195-5765
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